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Best Lingerie To Help You Rock The Sheer Dress Trend

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Have you noticed the reappearance of sheer clothing? You may have seen a sheer while you were out shopping that showed a really pretty bra, but if you go to the club or a party, you may even see sheer dresses or pants. If you feel adventurous, you may want to adopt this trend when you are out and about. Therefore, these are some great lingerie options you can wear under your sheer fashion pieces.

Corset Bras

Corset bras give you great coverage while enhancing your shape. They often have stays that slim your sides, belly, and waistline, and the cups push you up and give you great cleavage.

If your sheer top is a single color and has a plain style, a decorated corset can add intrigue. You can choose a short corset or one that reaches your waistline. Decorative, multicolored options may look better with an unembellished corset in a single color.

Tops With More Coverage

If you plan to wear a sheer top in a more formal environment, such as the office or a nice restaurant, you should choose options that cover your upper body more than a bra or corset. One option is a camisole. Depending on the style, you can choose a delicate option that enhances your femininity. Add some lace to really bring out your figure and style.

Bodysuits are also great options Because they fit down below your pelvis, they can slim your figure. More modest options won’t show off a lot of skin. However, today’s bodysuits can also be quite sexy, with lacy and see-through sections that hint at something more underneath.

Other Bra Options

If you want a more daring look, a sports bra or boob tube is always an option. You can also wear a full-coverage, push, or plunge bra. Choose options that cover your nipples completely. However, add some interest with lace, patterns, or stitching.

Full Coverage Panties

If you want to wear sheer bottoms, skirts, dresses or pants, you need to choose the right panties. For some extra support, choose high-waisted, control-top briefs. You can also wear boy shorts or bikinis. However, make sure your panties cover the essentials and give you the support and shape you desire.

Decorative Undergarments

If you wear a full sheer outfit, choose a bra and underwear set that matches. They can be decorative and feminine, but they should create a cohesive, put-together look. For dresses, you can also include some sexy leggings or bike shorts with lacey accents. Many women are also wearing slips under sheer dresses. Don’t be afraid to show off your sensuality by revealing your lingerie.


Unless you plan to walk the red carpet, there are a few lingerie items you should avoid if you wear sheer clothing. First, avoid thongs under sheer bottoms. This look can lead to improper assumptions or negative reactions from others. You should also avoid sheer or full lace undergarments that don’t have a lining. You can reveal parts of yourself that you may not want to, especially in public.

Your comfort level and the event you plan to attend should guide you in your lingerie choices, so grab your ThirdLove classic contour plunge bra and a sexy sheer dress and get ready for adventure.